June 24 03:08 pm

People don't disappear and leave coins behind when I slash them with my katana.

I consistantly find myself having to dig through their pockets to find the coins in their wallets...

Maybe I'm doing it wrong...

I'll keep trying!

June 24th 06:11 pm

Flame throwers seem to be pretty effective especially on cotton clothes, although it seems that the smell of burning hair alerts someone to call the Police...

Maybe liquid nitrogen (LN2) would be just as effective in "burning" my victims, that would eliminate the foul odor of hair, but then I'd need to find a way to remove the wallets from my enemies cold grip.

Still working on making the bodies disappear...

June 25th 03:14 pm

On the run now...
Not much time to make my entry...
Hacked into a Wi-Fi account for internet access...
What's left of the Police Department is not enough to hold but a few officers, with walls still engulfed in flames I'm sure. Their morale is shaken, but I'm quite sure their resolve has never been more adamant.

Who would have thought that a few well placed plastics could destroy all of my opressors in one fell swoop? I suppose a car-jacking wouldn't really matter at this point... I'm headed West!

June 26th 03:16 pm

It was a quaint little town where my newly acquired vehicle finally ran out of fuel... and wouldn't you know it, not a gas station in sight.

Across the street was the general store, and a bit further down the road was the local parish. I dared not go into the store, the clerk looked to be in his late seventies, surely he knew everyone in town, and everything about them, he wouldn't forget a new face so quickly.

There were a few people leaving the small church, I waited a moment, and got off the road, ducking into a pew and hiding my face in a Bible.
I found myself reading the words that were pressed in my face, and couldn't help but chuckle. "Dammit, I'm going to draw attention to myself!" It was too late, standing before me with a curious look about her was the most beautiful being I'd ever seen! " I thought this was a Christian church....why is this Goddess in my presence?!", I thought to myself.

She had seen my car run out of gas, and followed me into the church.
"Do you need a lift?"
"Don't you fear for your safety? I mean, a beautiful woman such as yourself shouldn't be offering strangers anything...."
She laughs and says, "I know who you are, you're no stranger to me...
If you want to get out of this forsaken town, you'll need my help."
She gave me a knowing wink as she took the Bible from my hands and threw it forcibly to the floor. I wasn't about to ask any questions, not now anyway. Off we dashed around to the back of the church, she had parked her motorcycle there before following me in.

"Hi...my name's Jennifer, I'm a big fan of your work!"

Without a word, I jumped on the back of her motorcycle and we rode for a few hours it seemed...

"This is a safe house, it lacks the amenities of home, but there is food and showers, a bunk and a computer in the corner. Try to get some rest, I have to go get some more supplies."

She walked into a shadow and I haven't seen her again...yet.

June 27th 04:17 am

I awoke to the joyous sound of an angel's voice, resonating throughout the abandoned building. I laid there with my eyes closed, trying to capture the essence of godliness, all the while knowing that only a few yards away, with steam rising from behind the curtain, was this perfect woman of mystery. The water turned off, I closed my eyes tighter.

"Breakfast will be ready in fifteen minutes, there is a towel hanging by the shower. Move quickly, we're moving on after we eat."

Who was she to give me orders?! Sure I appreciate all she's done and is doing, but she acts as if she has no reason to fear me... strangely bold.

"Tennesse tags! What part are you from?"
"That only tells you where I stole the bike!"
"You're my kind of woman!"
"Little do you know... all will be explained in due time."
"Fair enough I suppose... what kind of supplies did you get yesterday?"

She unzipped a large duffle bag and removed several ingredients...

"Looks like you've done your homework." "I had an excellent teacher."

She told me she wanted me to meet a friend of hers, a ten minute ride due North.

A police car slowly drove by, as if looking for someone specifically...

We sped off... I don't know if the duffel bag fell off the bike or if we had just forgotten it in our rush to get away unnoticed... Dammit!!!

June 27th 07:18 pm

Jennifer was introducing me to her friend Chris, but all I could think about was that lost duffel bag. My mind was disturbed at the thought that the Police might already have the bag in their possession... I had to get it!

I leapt onto the motorcycle and cranked it! "I'll be back, I need that bag!" Before Jennifer could stop me, I was off.
Seven minutes later I was back to the area that I suspected the bag might be... I didn't see it anywhere!

Off in the distance I saw an old bag lady rummaging through a dumpster, she was placing what she thought valuable into a rusty shopping cart.
I parked the bike at the curb beside her and gleaned at the contents of her cart... There it was!!! My duffel bag! I made no hesitation as I quickly snatched the bag from her cart, knocking several other items to the ground in the process. The clatter got the old lady's attention and her head withdrew from the trash bin with lightning speed. "Thief!! Thief!", yelled the hag. I had to act fast, she was going to draw attention to me. I slapped her across the face and grabbed both of her arms near her shoulders, shaking her until she realized she had better shut up.

Once she was quiet I said, "This is my bag and I'm taking it back!"
A tear rolled down her cheek, possibly out of fear, more likely from the sting of my hand. "You haven't looked inside the bag have you?" I expected her to lie, I was suprised when she answered honestly, "Of course I have, who wouldn't?"
"Then you know why I must be taking this back. For some reason I trust you, and I trust you won't tell anyone of this." She nodded and I released her. "Here's Twenty bucks, go get yourself some food. Your honesty has saved your life."

"What the hell were you thinking, leaving me here like that?!"
"I got the bag, mission accomplished."
"You're so short sighted. That's a mission that shouldn't have even been necessary... shall we continue on with what we had originally planned?"
"Sure...where's Chris?"
"Gone. We got this security key card though... courtesy of Chris."

June 29th 03:19 pm

Yesterday was long and tedious. Jennifer and I made some very high quality I.D.'s with a few of the supplies in the duffel bag... Airport security didn't give them a second thought. Why would they? We are the best of the best. I was terribly jet-lagged and didn't feel like making any notes in my journal, well, jet-lagged with sore knuckles... dumb bastards like him shouldn't be allowed at baggage claim. Of course I didn't confront him at the airport, I made time to follow him to where he was going.

I saw my "WANTED" poster at the airport, and again later on at the Post Office. I guess they're pretty bitter about it all, to have a nation wide A.P.B. in effect... I'd call that holding a grudge.

We had no trouble commandeering a new set of wheels, nothing too fancy, don't need the attention...hell, the paint job is even flaking off, but most importantly, the engine purrs like a kitten...we will definitely need a reliable car in the next few days.
I wish I still had the capacity to get all giddy like Jennifer does when she "politely" tells someone to remove themselves from their vehicle, after doing it so many times, it is really just a hassle to even have to use the breath to say the words, you just want to hold up a sign... or a gun!

Tonight is briefing night, after we scope out the location for any unknown variables such as guard dogs, motion detectors, cameras, alarm systems, etc... this needs to be done while it is busy with people, with a good disguise.

I think Jennifer was telling the truth when she said she was a fan of my work... she's been showing me tons of newspaper articles that she had clipped over the years, all scanned into her laptop of course. I think she's taken a liking to me, but I wonder if she likes ME, or just the idea of who I am and what I represent... silly to ponder I know, as your actions are derived from your perceptions, and your perception's derived from your "filters" obtained with life experiences. So yes, she has taken a liking to ME... she on the other hand is still a mystery, I don't have the luxury of news articles concerning her, but she has been slowly warming up to me. Maybe it's time I asked her...

July 1st 03:27 pm

We've decided it best to wait until the Fourth of July Festivities begin, one or two more BOOMS won't really be noticed then.
This delay also has allowed us more time to practice the routine, not that we can't think on our feet, but practice is always rewarded.

I asked Jennifer if she intends to continue on with this lifestyle once the task at hand is complete... She shuffled her feet a bit and then gave me a shrug. Either she hasn't given it much thought, or she expects me to disapprove of her answer, most likely because I told her I intend to retire after this mission. I know she's tough enough to stand on her own two feet, but she's the type of gal that would have me chasing behind her at every chance, trying to help... retired or not.

We went to dinner today, and wouldn't you know it some jack-ass at the restaurant pissed me off, treating his woman like she owed him something...respect he didn't appear to have earned. She left the table in tears, running to the bathroom. I excused myself from the table, walked over to the man, and sat down where his woman was seated.

"If I weren't in such a good mood today, I would have already fed you the rest of that steak, fork, knives and all... fortunately for you though, I'm just going to teach you some manners. There is nothing worse than to see scum like you treat women the way you do. I'll be watching and listening to you from my table, if you try to leave, I'll be behind you. You're going to apologize to her, plead with her, and order her favorite dish, no matter the cost. If you fail to win her back, I am left to assume that this is a habitual thing, and you'll be losing more than your woman tonight."

I was able to return to my seat before his woman returned from the restroom, he was still wiping the sweat from his brow. "What on earth did you say to that man?", Jennifer whispered.
"I just gave him some words of encouragement. I'm sorry I had to leave you..."
"Oh it's ok... Watching his reaction was well worth it."

July 2nd 11:55 pm

Sitting in a bar, downing a few drinks with the Goddess, Rum and Vodka, I noticed Jennifer wasn't really paying attention to what I was saying.

She seemed to be intently concentrating on this man who I noticed enter the bar, but have since disregarded as just another Joe. Was I jealous? You're damn right I was! Normally I wouldn't think it necessary to describe the appearance of some random person, but this guy seemed to be turning ALL of the ladies heads in the bar.
He was wearing a simple wife beater and blue jeans, with cowboy boots. His pecs were pouring out of the little shirt, and he had the arms to match it. Was Jennifer so superficial that she could forget about me so easily? I said a couple of more silly unrelated things, she didn't respond, she didn't even hear what I'd said!

I turned around to watch what she was watching, and just at that moment, the bartender raised his hand and pointed in our general direction, the man was walking this way. As he got closer, the look in his eyes changed, as though he had just realized something, he had a smug look on his face now. He was standing at our table.

"Hello, I'm detec..."


His chiseled chest had three holes in it, all spewing blood like Niagra Falls! I saw smoke rising from below the surface of the table...

"I saw him flash a badge to the bartender.", Jennifer quickly stated. She had a stone cold face with the hint of a smile.

"Come on! We can finish our discussion later!"

I ran out the door behind her and we escaped into the night.

How foolish of me to be jealous... retirement? Hell no! Not now!

July 3rd 12:15 am

We watched from a nearby rooftop, pigs scrambling about, trying to figure out what just happened and why. We had all the answers they were looking for... Our lives are more valuable than any and all of theirs.

"Was that your first time?"
"My first time?"
"Your first kill."
"Yes... I didn't know how exhilarating it was, else I may have done it sooner!"
"It's more gratifying when it is an enemy, cops are natural enemies."

Jennifer nods and returns to gazing over the edge of the roof. They are finally removing the body from the scene, the area blocked of with police tape, all customers held inside for questioning. One cop on the megaphone trying to direct traffic, what little there was, everyone seemed to want to slow down and make a drive-by crime scene investigation. Hell, their half-hearted attempts at a guess might be better than the highest trained officers conclusions.

"We'll lay low for a while and see how things develop, this may jeopardize our mission."
"I'm sorry about that."
"Don't be, if you hadn't killed him, we'd be in cuffs down at the station right now."
"I mean...couldn't we just have knocked him unconscious?"
"Judging by the size of him, I'd say you made the right choice! This really shouldn't be a moral dilemma. It boils down to values...you either value your life above all, or you don't value it enough to stop others from deciding what to do with it."
"Right but... if I'd never offended anyone, nobody would be trying to decide what to do with my life. They are after me because I decided what to do with someone elses life first!"
"Don't let it worry you...he was just a cop, sub-human. Believe me, I've killed real people before, and that was troublesome... at the first."

July 4th 2:43 am

Today's the big day. The paper on the news stand has an artists rendering of Jennifer and an old photo of me. They could never do the Goddess justice! They should have just left the space white, except for the words, "Too beautiful for illustration". Jennifer had the great idea of sending "look a likes" for a ride on a plane using our fake I.D.'s, of course, for the right price, they had no trouble agreeing to it. That scheme ought to cause a nice distraction and buy us enough time to carry out our mission uninterrupted.

"I told them to just say that their bags must have been swapped."
"As if that would work."
"They knew the risks involved when they agreed to it, they thought twenty thousand was sufficent pay for the risk."
"Maybe they wont get caught, maybe they'll make it out of the country on the next flight before the Fed's can catch up."
"I don't care... I'm done with them... let's concentrate on OUR big pay day!"